Serving the
family farm

since more than a century

Who are we?

A local enterprise

Olier Grisé & cie Ltée is a feeding company that is HACCP certified and specialized in fabrication and distribution of premixes for livestock. We have clients all around the province of Quebec and in the eastside of Ontario. We’re a small family enterprise that is in the agricultural business since 1917. We are in the city of Saint-Pie, which is close to Sainte-Hyacinthe in Quebec.


Pigs Pig feed is constantly changing. Thanks to Olier Grisé’s ranges of premixes, you are sure to respond to these new realities, quite simply.


Whether it is for your dairy cattle or your beef cattle, improve your productivity by benefiting from the advice of our experts.


Our team strives to always offer quality premixes or micro-premixes to optimize bird performance.

Goats and Sheep

We have high quality products that will optimize lambing and quavering, lactation and gestation in your herds.

Man and woman holding a piglet in their arms Gray boar

Proud partners

Of local farmers

The mission that Olier Grisé has chosen for leading the company is to work with dairy, pork, poultry, sheep and cattle producers in order to understand their problems, their concerns, their priorities and thus succeed in offering them concrete solutions so that they meet their business objectives.

Above all, to accomplish this mission, we believe that we must build and cultivate a human-to-human relationship with these partners who are our customers. To develop this privileged exchange, the company can count on:

A sales team spread over almost all of Quebec and Eastern Ontario;
A team for manufacturing, quality control and delivery
and a customer service and business administration team.


It is a local company that offers quality products at very competitive prices.


You don’t feel like a number when Jimmy comes by, he takes the time to listen to me, he answers my questions


The Olier Grisé team are passionate people, they love their work, we feel that they are listening and that sets them apart enormously.

Improve your productivity,
Cultivate their well-being!

A simple solution

To improve your production


Olier Grisé has a laboratory for your grain size tests, analyzes of forage, grains, rations and more!

Personalized services

We offer you a personalized service according to your equipment, your food and your feeding methods.


Our trucks deliver directly to your farm, anywhere in Quebec and Eastern Ontario. A service adapted and attentive to your needs. A service adapted and attentive to your needs.