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We participate in local agriculture

For over 100 years!

At Olier Grisé, we firmly believe that the profitability of your farm depends on the use of by-products and a «complait» (custom mineral). Indeed, by having the analyzes of all your feed, we can adapt your group rations according to production and/or stage of production (lactation, drying off, preparation for calving).

Our experienced team is committed to formulating your rations according to your needs and answering all your questions. In less than 48 hours you will obtain a balanced ration according to your new data. In addition, we can offer you bags with custom weights, according to your needs. Our truckers will be happy to offer you a service to meet your requirements.

The representatives of Olier Grisé, located throughout Quebec and Eastern Ontario, will be able to answer all your questions, offer you their best advice as well as our excellent range of products. Do not hesitate to contact them, serving you is their priority!


Benefit from a calculated selection of the size of the vitamin and mineral pellets that will be served to your animals, in order to optimize their consumption.

Personalized advice service

At Olier Grisé, you are not a number. We know our customers and we adapt to your reality to better answer your questions.

Rapid food analysis

Thanks to our in-house laboratory and our state-of-the-art equipment, get a quick result for your samples.

Personalized delivery

Benefit from a home delivery service, with our experienced deliverers.

Custom bag weights

Take advantage of the opportunity and request your bags of premixes in the desired weight! Possibilities between 18-32 kg depending on the ingredients chosen.

Formulation of rations in less than 48 hours

Take advantage of our team of in-house professionals who specialize in ration formulation and who offer you exceptional service.

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The delivery service is very fast, the trucks are always clean, the bags are always well stacked, the rotation is done and the truck drivers are very friendly.


Service at Olier Grisé is not just taking samples, it is also analyzing my breeding practices and analyzing my future projects.


The feed service at Olier Grisé is really well detailed; well done, relevant and easy to understand.